Building Engineering
Roundtable Discussion
What does Sustainability mean for AECO & MFG?
ID du cours: BES501805-rt
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Sujets: Advanced Manufacturing, Building Design, Building Operations, Project Management, Sustainability

Description de la session

The term "sustainability" is a broad term that covers a wide range of topics. We've come to learn more about what sustainability means in the AECO & MFG industry for each of our major sectors. What do we have in common and what are the differences? Let's talk about how we can bridge the gaps in our sectors to create better collaboration and a more sustainable design, construction, and operation. We hope to bring together industry thought leaders from all sectors in this event to discuss how to create a more sustainable cross-industry process that meets the needs of all project stakeholders. At the end of this session, we will share the raw data collected to assist in solving these roadblocks upon returning to work.

Objectifs de la formation

  1. Discovery Road blocks for sustainable standards/parameters for design analysis study.
  2. Define what sustainability means to your Industry
  3. Deliver sustainably with cross industry process
  4. Gather and Collect data that will help your organizations sustainability journey

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