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Making Revit MEP Fast! BIMrx MEP makes Revit give you your time BACK.
ID du cours: BES501379
Produit(s): Revit, Revit LT
Sujets: Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), CAD Management, Design Visualization, Software Training

Description de la session

With a simple, clean Revit ribbon tab, it is now possible to model and coordinate pipe, duct, conduit, cable tray and more without changing views. Reclaim your "Revit view changing" time and refocus that on modeling. How many minutes a day do you spend creating sections and changing views? How much time and money would you no longer, ever spend again if that dropped to zero minutes?
Imagine pitching and elevating a branch pipe to align with a main in a single, 10 second operation. Imagine creating kick 90's with just two clicks, repeatedly, as fast as you can click! Need to reroute 5, 10, 100 parallel svcs. over, under or around with one 10 second operation, without using bespoke content?
If you change views a dozen times or more per day and perform modeling tasks like these just ten times a day, and you bill out at $75/hr., how much overhead would that put back in your pocket by simply NOT waiting on Revit anymore? How much would you save if you bill out at $150/hr?
Come find out!

Objectifs de la formation

  1. Model and coordinate MEP systems in Revit 4-6 times faster than ever possible before.
  2. Get your time back - model more like you first expected you would in Revit, AND have happier employees!
  3. Increase project throughput and stay focused on design instead sidetracked arm-wrestling Revit all the time.
  4. Blow past your competitors who are still modeling MEP using just out of the box, Revit functionality.

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