Discussing Approaches to Industrial IoT: Where Research Meets Reality

Description de la session

“Industry 4.0”, “the digital thread”, “digital twins”, “IIoT”, “smart manufacturing” – however you describe it, what is clear is the importance data will play to the future of manufacturing. As IIoT and Cloud based technologies continue to develop, applications for them are moving from research to operations. With this shift comes a creative tension between technology-driven approaches and customer-centric solutions. Both perspectives are necessary to drive innovation and allow our industries to evolve.
You will hear experts from autodesk research and industry discuss the different approaches to this rapidly growing area in manufacturing and see how they are working to answer the question: how can we use data to make informed decisions in our design-make workflows?

Objectifs de la formation

  1. Compare IIoT technologies and solutions with specific outcomes in mind
  2. Identify how IIoT and cloud based SaaS tools can impact design-make workflows
  3. Build industry 4.0 best practices into manufacturing operations
  4. Assess industry development and trends for long term IIoT strategy

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