Industry Talk
Growing Office Innovations in a Lean Agile way.

Description de la session

Given the challenges and constraints, innovation is becoming a necessity on every project.
Traditional approaches towards deliverables no longer support project schedules and client requests. Buildings are becoming more complex and design/construction timelines are being shortened. How can deliver better buildings with less time and waste? Alone we can't, but...
The speakers will teach you how you can transform your approach to project planning, execution and delivery. That’s what they did!
While some in the industry have centralized innovation and development on a single team.
YOU can TOO!
Bringing innovation to the project level allows for ideas to be tested and valued by the team members or scrapped immediately as well. This leads to a firm of innovators which will be able to solve both todays' problems and be better prepared for tomorrows issues.
Specific project case studies will be shared including several project types and delivery methods.

Objectifs de la formation

  1. Define and implement the #1 Lean concept of respect for people
  2. Take back to your office a clear plan for implementing project based innovation
  3. Define the network of internal communication required to engage all offices and people in leading change
  4. Manage technology and skill innovations in their company

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