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Introduction to Inventor API Automation: Where Should You Start?
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If you’re an Inventor software user interested in learning how to automate your design process using the Inventor software API (application programming interface), this class is designed specifically for you. The class will act as a guide, giving those with no programming or automation experience a road map to success for working with the Inventor software API. For simplicity, this class will focus on programming with the Inventor software API directly in the iLogic interface, and we will identify the resources available for new users to develop their programming skills. The course will provide students with the tools to learn, including how to program in VB.NET, how to use the API and API Help, where to find sample programs, how to debug API programs within the iLogic interface, and where to seek individual help. The course will give students the information and confidence they need to develop the skills necessary to quickly begin programming their own Inventor software customizations. This session features Inventor Professional and Inventor Professional.

Key Learnings

  • Recognize the importance of learning VB.NET, and know where to go to gain that knowledge
  • Learn how to capitalize on the Inventor API Help to transfer VB.NET skills to the Inventor API
  • Learn how to debug programs directly within the iLogic interface using a debug viewer
  • Learn how to identify and utilize resources available for advancing your programming knowledge


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