Lecture    CI1270
Making Something from Nothing: Integrating InfraWorks into Your Design
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Have you encountered any challenges when creating an urban-scale 3D model? How can you start a design proposal with an area that has no existing information, such as topography maps, aerial photos, and engineering data? This class focuses on workflows and tips and tricks that can enable you to better create, evaluate, and communicate conceptual designs using InfraWorks, AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, and Revit® software. We also demonstrate the comparison of using Navisworks® software and BIM 360™ Glue® cloud-based software in various cases in order to choose the suitable workflow for your design.

Enseignements clés

  • List some best practices for using InfraWorks combined with other BIM platforms
  • Describe how InfraWorks can enable planning to create 3D conceptual models
  • Define workflows to enable the geometry and intelligent data moving between Infrastructure Design Suite
  • Distribute generated clash markups via email instantly and have users link to conflict areas within Revit




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