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Optimize Road Design with Dynamo for Civil 3D and Generative Design
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This class will cover how to apply automation and generative design principles to optimize the design of a road network. The design starts from geographic information system (GIS) inputs, describing the site and its features, such as the boundary, existing buildings, and streams of water. Using InfraWorks software and Civil 3D software, it’s possible to create a model to start the definition of the design. Dynamo is used to apply a computational design approach and define modeling strategies to enable optimization. With generative design, it’s possible to explore multiple scenarios and find the best solutions to the problem balancing multiple objectives. Finally, with Dynamo for Civil 3D it’s possible to create complex objects like alignments, profile, and corridors to curate the selected solutions and refine the modeling as needed.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn about a computation design approach for road design
  • Learn how to maximize generative design to optimize the design and increase the insight of the design challenge
  • Learn how to automate the creation of corridor models
  • Discover the next steps for new use cases and implementations




Optimize Road Design with Dynamo for Civil 3D and Generative Design

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