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Lecture    SE2311
Improving Your Deliverables with Revit Structure and SDS/2 Connect
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Model accuracy is vital to Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects, and connections are a critical component of making the model accurate. SDS/2 Connect, an add-in to Revit® Structure software, makes incorporating code-based connections and transferring the model downstream for manufacturing easier and more accurate than ever before. This class features real-world case studies from engineering companies who have incorporated SDS/2 Connect into their Revit Structure workflow. Highlights include how companies employ SDS/2 Connect as a way to keep the project schedule on track while providing project owners with the ability to secure more competitive bids, use the connection design functionality to avoid erection clashes during the design phase of the project, and create a more valuable deliverable for the owner and architect.

Enseignements clés

  • Implement model transfers of the design model from Revit Structure to the manufacturing model in SDS/2 Detailing
  • Incorporate erection clash avoidance into the design phase with your Revit Structure model through connection design
  • List 3 ways that your deliverable and/or work process can be be improved using SDS/2 Connect with Revit Structure
  • Apply the tactics learned from the case studies presented to better utilize the strengths of the Revit Structure and SDS/2 Connect interface



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