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Integrating Power BI and BIM 360 Through Forge for Dynamic Construction Analytics
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This class describes how Camargo Corrêa Infra, one of the largest Brazilian construction companies, integrated its BIM 360 hub to Microsoft Power BI, through Forge APIs, to create dynamic graphs to monitor field information (issues and checklists). The traditional process uses paper-based forms to register the checklists and issues, which are later digitized into spreadsheets so the necessary analysis can run. With the use of BIM 360 software, despite the digitalization happening on the source input, the data visualization doesn’t meet the requirements of all the stakeholders. On this scenario, we’ve developed an integration of BIM 360 with Power BI for the creation of dynamic customizable dashboards, getting real-time BIM 360 data from the field to the office. The class will approach the system architecture necessary for this integration, and useful tips and tools to better understand and visualize data from BIM 360, even for people who aren’t programmers.

Enseignements clés

  • Discover the typical workflows of construction site analytics reporting and their challenges
  • Learn about the system architecture required to integrate BIM 360 and Power BI
  • Discover the tools and workflows used for the integration process
  • See some examples of Power BI analysis from BIM 360 data




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