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Beyond “Out of the Box” for Creating Custom Parts for AutoCAD Plant 3D
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In this class, we will go through the steps that you should follow when creating custom parts to use within your AutoCAD Plant 3D project drawings. This session will demonstrate the correct workflow to create custom parts that you can use in imperial, metric, and mixed metric projects. This will involve taking 3D solids and converting them to usable AutoCAD Plant 3D parts that can be used in a catalog and spec within an AutoCAD Plant 3D model drawing.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to create or use existing solids that can be turned into custom parts to use in an AutoCAD Plant 3D drawing
  • Learn how to use PLANTPARTCOVERT to convert blocks and add ports
  • Learn how to add the converted custom parts to a catalog, and then add the converted parts to a spec
  • See a demonstration using the custom parts in an AutoCAD Plant 3D drawing, creating an isometric and ortho drawing to show functionality




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