Hands-on Lab    CS323767-L
ReCap to the Max: How to Edit, Document, and Coordinate
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This hands-on lab will cover how to edit point-cloud projects in ReCap software for all disciplines and project types. We’ll review advanced documentation and annotation features to make it easier for all ReCap users to find equipment and rooms in the point cloud. We’ll also take a quick tour covering how to extract a piece of equipment for use in planning and general arrangements, or as a template for creating a 3D asset. Next, we’ll go over the demolition workflow and how we have created various demolition packages over the years at SSOE Group. Finally, we’ll review how to reduce storage on a network and use the undocumented feature of importing unified data sets in ReCap. No prior use of ReCap on a project is required, although it would be helpful to take a peek at the sample data provided with the application just to gain familiarity with the interface prior to the lab.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to select equipment for exporting as its own file
  • Learn how to tag and label for asset tracking and simplified viewing
  • Learn how to do advanced dimension features and document information for search
  • Learn how to compress ReCap projects with the undocumented feature




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