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Reaping the Benefits of the Cloud
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Tired of waiting for the architect or the structural engineer to send you the last updated model so you can continue your work? The waiting time is over-and it's called Collaboration for Revit cloud service. This session will demonstrate how architects, engineers, and contractors have been using the cloud to communicate and collaborate in designing and currently building Norway's biggest shopping center. Using collaboration for Revit software, BIM 360 Team software, and the Forge platform to view 3D models, it has been possible to identify and solve problems more quickly than in a traditional design process. Workflows, tips, and tricks will be essential in this lecture.

Enseignements clés

  • Discover best collaboration practices in large-scale multidisciplinary projects
  • Learn how to identify the potential of BIM 360 Teams, and how it transforms the traditional designing process
  • Understand how to tap into the cloud with help of Forge 360
  • Learn how to drive innovation and save money simultaneously




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