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The Revit Rat Rod—Who Says Revit Is Just for Buildings!
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Stretch it, break it, and then redesign and print it. This session will make all your childhood dreams come true. We'll show you the workflow of how to create exceptional elements using the scan-save-style-set-sample-and-show-off method! Sounds simple, right? But so many of us don't tackle 3D printing because we don't know how to prepare files, or we don't have access to high-end 3D printers. The world of 3D printing is limitless, let us show you how we adapted it for our Rat Rod truck. Just one application. Come and see the Revit Rat Rod in the exhibition area, and see our ideas come to life with Revit, 3D printing, and point clouds.

Key Learnings

  • Understand 3D printing workflows
  • Learn how to apply Revit in a nontraditional setting
  • Learn how to prepare files for 3D printing
  • Learn how to break down files into multiple printed parts



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