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Save Every Dime: Use the Right Virtual Reality at the Right Time
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There’s a virtual reality (VR) solution for anyone in the construction business—big or small! This will be a demo on how to use the right VR at the right time. Architects and construction managers are under tremendous pressure to make more-effective decisions in professional practice, and to design and develop complex spatial experiences that are simultaneously appropriate, accurate, and cost effective. XR (VR, AR, MR) solutions are vital in supporting effective design decision making, collaboration, and communications, and have the potential to revolutionize 21st-century architectural practice. This will be an overview of how architects and designers can save incredibly on costs, and use the right VR technology at the right time during the design process in their workflows. Come and see sample workflows demonstrating how some firms use these technologies as design tools, marketing tools, and virtual mockups, as well as for interactive models, and how they conduct virtual design VR meetings in the cloud.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to empower teams of AEC developers to work proactively to quickly assemble VR visualization experiences
  • Learn about designers creating deliverables for client presentations
  • Learn how to build interactive AEC models with smooth BIM data imports
  • Learn about project visualizers creating presentation deliverables for client feedback



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