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Revit Data on Forge - How Can the Design Automation for Revit API Help Me?
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The Forge Design Automation API for Revit allows you to build web applications that can create, read, and modify Revit models in the cloud. No longer is access to Revit data trapped on the desktop. Learn how Forge can help you manage and create Revit data in cloud-native applications. We'll review the different kinds of apps you will be able to build using the Design Automation API to solve your company's challenges as well as demonstrate some sample applications using the service.

Enseignements clés

  • Discover and understand ways to access and work with Revit data in the cloud
  • Discover the kinds of problems that design automation can solve for your company
  • Understand how the Design Automation API for Revit can help manage BIM data challenges
  • Learn how you can use these building blocks to automate your company's workflows




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