Industry Talk    CI123968
The Augmented and Virtual Reality Brought to Life Through InfraWorks
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In this session, we will reveal how augmented reality (AR) creates unparalleled context for the design and coordination of multidisciplinary civil design projects. Learn how your favorite tablet can become a powerful site coordination and communication portal unlike any other we've had before. Dive in with us to understand how existing conditions data aids the effectiveness of AR, and what that looks like. The presentation will use InfraWorks software to showcase how this new design accessibility tool has benefitted real clients, stakeholders, and design teams. We'll show the workflow for taking a fully developed InfraWorks model and utilizing AR to view the model on-site via a table or a smartphone. The presentation will focus on an actual transportation project that used InfraWorks and AR to clearly demonstrate a project design to the client and stakeholders both in the office and on the site.

Enseignements clés

  • Gain a basic understanding and concept of the augmented reality process
  • Learn how to deploy augmented reality utilizing an InfraWorks model
  • Understand how existing conditions improve the AR experience
  • Gain some insight on industry predictions for the future of AR and InfraWorks




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