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HMI in VRED—UX and UI Validation on a 3D Model During the Product Development Lifecycle
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Products and their user interfaces are moving closer together. Nearly every device on the market is equipped with a digital display or touchscreen, and companies are focusing on interactive product experience, gesture control, and entertainment-while products themselves enhance or completely change functionality. Learn how Autodesk's tools for modeling, user experience, and visualization can be connected in the product-development lifecycle to provide the designer, engineer, and decision maker with a more realistic and immersive way to experience the product.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how tools for modeling, user experience, and visualization can be connected together and interoperate in the product development lifecycle to provide the designer, modeler, and decision maker with more realistic ways for experiencing the whole product, in addition to more immersive validation of a user human-machine-interface design—in 3D
  • Learn how a simple product created with Fusion 360 can be enriched with interactive UI elements and media content in VRED Professional
  • Learn how designers can update their geometry and user interface content, and experience their work changes in a real-time rendering
  • Learn about the WebEngine implementation, further possibilities for VRED, and major challenges occurring during this project




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