Lecture    CI3259
Take It Outside: Using Tablets to Bring Company Data to the Field
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Tablets and smartphones have made it possible to carry an infinite amount of project data in the palm of your hand. In this class, we will demonstrate several workflows and strategies for getting project data into the field. We will explore how this can be done on Apple® iPads®, Android™ tablets, and Microsoft® Windows®-based devices. We will show how project managers, inspectors, and surveyors can access information when they need it the most—in the field—even without an Internet connection.

Enseignements clés

  • Identify best practices for sharing, syncing, and securing project data
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of each mobile operating system and explain how to pick the right one for you
  • Access project data online and offline with iPad, Android, and Windows devices
  • From the field, collaborate with project members in the office



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