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How to Use Dynamo to Visibly Show Navisworks Clashes into Revit
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The combination of Revit software and Navisworks software is by far the best Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool for model authoring and clash coordination. The workflow of using these software systems is pretty straightforward. Once the clash results are out, we can use the Switchback tool from Navisworks Manage to locate those clashes back to Revit. However, having to simultaneously highlight the exact location of those clashes in the Revit file would be challenging. In this class, we will show how we can use a Dynamo script to locate those clashes in Revit by using a sphere family that can be scheduled and highlighted in the model for quick viewing. And finally, we'll add comments in the sphere family schedule to communicate these updates back to the rest of the team.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to simplify a coordination workflow between Navisworks and Revit
  • Learn how to easily locate Navisworks clashes in Revit using a Dynamo script
  • Learn how to use a Revit Schedule to highlight clashes
  • Learn how to add comments to the clash schedule for coordination



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