Industry Talk    AS124464
The Conceptual Design Process framework: from the raw idea to the digital model
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The class will guide attendees to understand the principles and aim of the Conceptual Design Process developed for White Architects, and the benefits that Autodesk technology and services can bring. White Architects needed to identify design intent in conceptual architecture stages, including energy efficiency. They wanted to use Autodesk applications to efficiently identify the design intent and, at the same time, to be able to re-use the digital models in later design processes. Autodesk has worked with them to define the best processes and tools to achieve their objectives, defining a consistent framework that allows White architects to use the framework as a fluid and flexible tool for facing this early stage design and to use the digital models downstream to accomplish with more advanced phases of the project lifecycle.

Enseignements clés

  • Understand the specific features and challenges of the conceptual design stage
  • Identify the design intent and the related set of scenarios
  • Use a conceptual model to perform energy analysis
  • Configure the conceptual design phase using the developed framework



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