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Getting Started with Revit Macros
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We've all been there—it's an hour until your deadline and your project manager wants to make a single little change. The problem is, this change will take hours of tedious work . . . hours you simply don't have. However, through the power of the Revit software API and some basic knowledge of computer programming, you can write macros to automate Revit software and save a ton of time on your next project. This lab is designed to get you started automating Revit software using macros written in the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET programming language. Over the course of this lab, we'll cover programming basics and dive into the Revit software API. We'll do this by writing useful macros you can take back to your office and put to good use. At the end of the class you'll have a solid foundation from which to start writing your own macros. Take command of your software and learn to program! This class is geared toward intermediate-to-advanced Revit software users with little or no programming experience.

Enseignements clés

  • Discover the differences between Revit macros, add-ins, and external applications
  • Learn how to create custom macros in Revit using the Revit macro editor and the VB.Net programming language
  • Learn how to utilize resources from the Revit Software Development Kit to get more information about .NET and the Revit API
  • Learn how to create time-saving macros using a step-by-step process to break complex problems into manageable tasks



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