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Practical Energy Analysis with Revit: Case Studies from a Nonprofit Design Firm
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Energy and daylighting analysis with Insight software provide designers with the ability to analyze the performance of their designs, leading to more-efficient buildings and sustainable practices. In this session, we’ll explain how these tools are used and illustrate how one nonprofit firm is using this technology to design energy-efficient health centers in Haiti, Peru, and West Africa. This session will demonstrate how attendees can perform their own building-performance analysis using Revit software and Insight. We’ll present case studies where energy and daylighting analysis were used to design more-sustainable buildings and reduce operating costs for health-care centers in developing countries, where resources are limited and maximizing the environment is a necessity. Prior knowledge in Revit is helpful, but nonsoftware users will benefit from the information shared in this presentation.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to generate a conceptual-level Revit model suitable for running through Insight energy analysis
  • Learn about the difference between input-based and output-driven design factors that impact energy analysis
  • Discover the value of using analysis tools early in the design phase of a project
  • Learn about how energy and daylighting analysis impacted recent projects, based on case studies




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