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Case Study—Ice District: Multiprime Multi-Skyscraper Collaborating on A360
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Ice District is a megaproject going up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The project has 3 main prime architect firms working concurrently on the project (Dialog, Hersch Bedner Associates, and Stantec), and many other consultants all coming together to completely rebuild the city’s epicenter. The project migrated into A360 Collaboration for Revit software, and it has been an interesting journey of technology convincing leadership of all the firms and disciplines that this would be the better way to work on this truly epic project. We will showcase the project, the Revit software components coming together, the types of coordination, tools used, measures taken, Building Information Modeling (BIM) execution plan concepts, and a lot of the power of A360 cloud-based collaboration service. Fundamentally, Dialog was managing the entire parkade of the city blocks beneath the skyscrapers that the other architecture firms were designing. Stantec's new corporate headquarters were going up in the blocks along with another skyscraper for office use adjacent. This session features Collaboration for Revit and A360 Team.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn about the Ice District project
  • Discover the fundamentals of Collaboration for Revit
  • Discover the benefits of A360
  • Learn strategies for convincing leadership regarding A360 projects



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