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Using LOD for Coordination (Repeat)
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In this presentation, we'll highlight how using level of development (LOD) status by element helps model authors know how complete their models are. We'll also demonstrate how, at different coordination events in a project, all parties can use LOD to indicate to each other their completion of design in the project by using the LOD score as a trigger for other dependent trades to move forward with their design efforts. For example, a structural engineer can use LOD element status in his or her own structural model to know what parts of the model are still subject to change. When the structural engineer is finished with exterior columns and many of the internal columns, those confirmed elements have a LOD status of 350. However, the steel around the internal elevator shaft area will be at a LOD status of 300 because the elevator equipment hasn't been selected yet. By visualizing the LOD status at a glance, the structural engineers know where the model still needs attention.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to use LOD active on projects
  • Learn how to use LOD in coordination
  • Learn how to use LOD to trigger fabrication
  • Learn how to use LOD to help with deliverable



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