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Using CAD Skills for Effective Design Simulation
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Autodesk Inventor Nastran simulation capabilities are embedded in Inventor software. However, the trend is to use simulation as a back-end check on the design. But why not use simulation earlier in the workflow? This presentation will show you how to start thinking about strength and stiffness as you evolve the design. With idealization techniques, you can get an early feel for how much material and where to place it, ignore details until the design is more fully fleshed out, and roll the design backwards and forward, using simulation as you go. The presentation will also take a hard look at shell and beam idealizations. Are they worth the effort? When should you use them? We’ll use several case studies to explore these ideas in the presentation.

Enseignements clés

  • Understand the advantages of simulation earlier in the design evolution
  • Learn how to use idealization techniques and your CAD skills to take rapid simulation shortcuts
  • Learn when to use beam and shell idealizations
  • Learn how to use simulation as a virtual test laboratory




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