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Buying the Right Workstation for Inventor
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Inventor software is a high-end, mission-critical application that businesses depend on to generate designs and bills of materials, and produce drawings that keep the doors open and the lights on. Reliability, efficiency, and productivity are key, yet most engineers and IT support staff are uninformed and oblivious to the needs of the tool, resulting in the purchase of hardware unfit for the task. Simply throwing money at the most expensive options on that workstation configurator won't translate into more performance in 3D CAD; in fact, it can have quite the exact opposite effect. So in this class, we'll clarify exactly what Inventor needs from a workstation, and how to purchase right and smart using real-world, large-assembly manufacturing data sets for benchmark testing. We'll also clarify a few hardware myths and confusions along the way, helping you to understand exactly what to buy to power your business as efficiently as possible.

Enseignements clés

  • Gain an understanding of how to pick the perfect workstation specification for Inventor
  • Discover how different businesses and industries can have vastly different hardware requirements
  • Discover the differences between Xeon, i7 and Ryzen CPUs, as well as Quadro, Radeon, and GeForce graphics cards and other common PC choices
  • Witness real-world, data-set benchmark tests that prove how differing component choices can accelerate certain product modules



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