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Roundtable    AS319542-R
Kicking It Off Right—Let’s Group Build a Better BIM/VDC Coordination/Kickoff Meeting
Autodesk University
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A BIM/VDC kickoff meeting is a crucial (but often neglected) component on any multidiscipline/multifirm project. This session will give attendees a chance to build their own BIM/VDC coordination kickoff meetings. We’ll discuss and put together a one-size-fits-all type of agenda (to be used as a starting point for your organization) for a typical BIM/VDC coordination kickoff meeting. As part of this session, we’ll discuss who needs to attend, what topics need to be covered, how to track the information that is discussed, and how to best document the meeting itself. A final result of our discussion will be a group-sourced, distributable, BIM/VDC coordination document that works for any project type. This session is intended for BIM/VDC managers, BIM/VDC coordinators, BIM/VDC job captains, project managers, and anyone else typically involved in the initial project BIM/VDC kickoff meeting.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to create an agenda that works for all BIM/VDC project kickoff meetings
  • Learn how to put together a BIM/VDC coordination document that works for all project types, regardless of size or scope
  • Learn how to use industry feedback (from your BIM/VDC peers) to help streamline and improve your BIM/VDC kickoff meetings
  • Benchmark your organization’s BIM/VDC kickoff process against the processes used by others


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