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How to Use BIM to Improve Prestressed Bridges Design
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Bridge design, from innovative U-shaped viaducts to long-span bridges, is one of the key products of SYSTRA in developing mass transit and railway infrastructures. In this class, you will see how our bridge experts have embraced BIM (Building Information Modeling) transformation to improve the designing of bridges from the early stages to construction designs. The ambition of this program is to ease the work of our engineers when creating the bridge assets, and aims to provide our client with a digital twin of their infrastructure that is fit for use during operations and maintenance. This development relies on a software application called CABLOA automating the 3D-design authoring processes, and BIM uses such as 2D drawings production, structural simulation, and clash detection with 3D reinforcement or jacks. The presentation of PrestressBIM program will be based on a practical example of a balance cantilever bridge in order to go through all the capacities that have been developed.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to develop prestressing design using Civil 3D
  • Learn how to improve design processes with BIM
  • Learn how to build an asset information model of a bridge
  • Learn how to secure construction prestressing operations through 4D


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