Lecture    CI1411
Engineering Art: Large-Scale Infrastructure Modeling Through 3D Visualizations
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Based on the successful construction of a sustainable water reuse (purple pipe) project, this class breaks down the steps for managing large diameter (20 inch +) waterlines on major (5+ miles) projects. We show the basics for modeling existing utilities, managing updates to utility models based on test pit data, and pulling from the AutoCAD® Civil 3D® road design toolset to develop waterline models. As we begin to dive into the pressure pipe tools of Civil 3D 2014, we discuss the transition to those new features. Next, we show you how to market the process of design on infrastructure projects, so as to show the 3D elements of what's still delivered as 2D paper plans. With expansive projects, the use of InfraWorks™ software has provided a great set of tools for quickly compiling data from multiple sources into a single location and present visualizations based on active design files to clients and the community.

Enseignements clés

  • Explain the use of pipe/pressure networks in Civil 3D
  • Establishing project management for a Civil 3D file that connects InfraWorks
  • Create large scale visualizations with InfraWorks using GIS and Civil 3D design data
  • Use Civil View connections to produce more advanced 3D presentations




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