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Revit API Expert Roundtable: Open House on the Factory Floor
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Interact with a panel of Revit API experts from Autodesk to get answers to your questions and discuss all relevant topics of your choice. If you are writing add-ins for Revit software, then this is the perfect forum to get to know better the people who shape the APIs you work with and to explain your views, ideas, and problems directly face-to-face. Note that prior .NET programming and Revit programming experience is required and that this class is not suitable for beginners.

Key Learnings

  • Find answers to Revit programming questions bugging you
  • Meet and make yourself heard to the Revit development team and ADN experts
  • Discuss your needs and wishes with Autodesk employees and your peers
  • Get an first-hand impression of the current Revit API issues



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