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Lecture    DV3375
Taking the Step from VBA to Inventor Add-ins
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While the Inventor VBA provides a convenient and easy way to add custom functionality to Inventor software, there are limitations to what you can do with VBA macros and with the VBA programming language. This class introduces you to VB.NET and Inventor add-ins and the pros and cons compared to VBA. The class also discusses converting your existing VBA programs into an add-in and how to deploy it. DV3377-R Taking the Step from VBA to Inventor® Add-ins: The Roundtable Session is a followup discussion for this class.

Key Learnings

  • Describe the differences between VBA and VB.NET and convert VBA macros into VB.NET code
  • Create an Inventor add-in that contains the user interface for your converted macros
  • Debug your add-in in VB.NET
  • Describe the options for deploying your add-in and how to use them


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