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Bridging the Gap: Extending AutoLISP with .NET
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AutoLISP is a very powerful programming language, but it doesn't offer the same knockout punch that VB.NET/C# does when combined with the AutoCAD .NET API. This class will explore the fundamentals of VB.NET and examine how you can use it to enhance existing AutoLISP routines. During this class, you will learn how to create basic commands for AutoCAD software, and discover functions that you can use with your existing AutoLISP routines. We will show examples of how to work with AutoCAD objects, get input from the user, create a basic form, and pass values between AutoLISP and .NET, plus other general programming concepts. For this class, you should know some AutoLISP, but it will be a beginner-level class for VB.NET and the AutoCAD .NET API.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to build and load a .NET project
  • Learn how to create a command or AutoLISP function
  • Learn about requesting user input
  • Learn how to create and display a user form



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