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BIM in Operations and Maintenance: The iconic Paris Grande Arche case study
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The Grande Arche is the iconic building of the business district La Défense in the Paris region. The two sides of the Arche are used as National Housing government offices and the roof section is targeted for exhibitions. The building was completed in 1989. 25 years later, the government entrusted to the Eiffage Group associated with the Valode & Pistre agency the renovation of workspaces in the south side and the roof section. The handover is scheduled for 2017. Even if Contractors have implemented a BIM process in design and construction phases, the client expressed the will to take advantage of the BIM D&B to enable O&M continuing the BIM methodology. This class will take the attendees through the journey of Grande Arche BIM implementation. You will receive an overview of the benefitsand lessons learned from the point of view of an owner and his BIM advisor. You will also learn about requirements to obtain a BIM model O&M-compliant and some workflows to connect it with O&M tools.

Enseignements clés

  • Discover an owner’s view about BIM benefits for Operations and Maintenance
  • Learn how to implement BIM Operations and Maintenance methodology in a big project
  • Learn about requirements for a BIM Model O&M-compliant based on Revit software
  • Explore BIM workflows regarding BIM uses for O&M




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