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Hands-on Lab    AULON14306
Generative Design Lab: Power-User Workflows to Complete the Design Cycle
Autodesk University
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Engineers and designers face an internal struggle when choosing between traditional design methods engrained through years of practice and new Generative Design workflows. Simply applying traditional design methods to Generative Design tools often leads to insufficient results which can be used for inspiration, but are not ready for manufacture. This hands-on lab will bridge the gap between traditional and Generative Design workflows, empowering users to complete the design process by leveraging Generative Design in powerful ways. Attendees will leverage Autodesk Generative Design alongside Meshmixer, Netfabb, Fusion 360, and Nastran to create a finished product, while exploring workflows which greatly improve productivity.

Enseignements clés

  • Pushing Generative Design tools to generate finished products
  • Developing skills for setting up Generative Design problem definitions to achieve wanted results
  • Editing Generative Solutions via CAD without time-consuming remodeling efforts
  • Adopting new Generative Design workflows (not applying old methods of design to new tools)


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