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The Benefits of Automated Model Checking in the Cloud
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In this timely panel discussion, hear how building owners, large and medium design firms, and the industry as a whole is using and benefitting from automated model checking. Learn, specifically, how they are reviewing their Revit models in BIM 360 software, generating reports on fidelity issues, and utilizing that data in dashboards. This panel will include a building owner (Denver International Airport) that manages all its design and construction projects in BIM 360; a large design firm (Jacobs) that works with DEN and other owners; a small design firm and how it works on BIM 360 projects; and the product development team responsible for Model Checker for Revit and Model Checker for Forge (CADD Microsystems). Facilitated by an architect on the Autodesk team, you will see and hear about all the great benefits these different project stakeholders have gained by implementing automated model checking on their projects.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about how automated model checking is being used in the industry
  • Discover how building owners with modeling requirements are benefitting from working with their consultants
  • Discover how large consulting firms are benefitting from working with building owners and their modeling requirements
  • Learn from the perspective of a small/medium consulting firm and discover how it is benefitting from automated model checking



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