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Ramp It Up—Advanced Corridor Design in AutoCAD Civil 3D
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AutoCAD Civil 3D software is a great tool for building corridor models, but can be rather challenging when it comes to modeling the “devil in the details,” such as ramp tapers, curb laybacks, pram ramps, and all sorts of earthworks transitions. Learn how to design and model complex subassemblies using Subassembly Composer software and then harness that intelligence within AutoCAD Civil 3D software corridors. We will also look at how to build complex, dynamic earthworks arrangements using a combination of custom subassemblies, offset alignments, auxiliary corridors, and alternate modeling techniques. This class is designed to get you thinking outside of the box with your approach to corridor modeling and to produce rich, detailed and—most importantly—dynamic 3D corridor models.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to create complex transitioning within AutoCAD Civil 3D corridors through custom subassemblies
  • Learn how to apply alternate modeling techniques to build rich dynamic corridors
  • Learn how to create, edit, and reuse complex subassemblies through the Subassembly Composer
  • Learn how to reduce rework time through the use of dynamic auxiliary corridors



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