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Using Design Results from Analysis for Reinforcement Design in Revit
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From the very beginning of Revit Structure software it was possible to export the analytical system of a structure into several analysis and design software packages. This workflow is highly accepted nowadays. This class will demonstrate how easy it is today to benefit from design results by automatically generating reinforcement layouts for many parts of the building. Even if reinforcement objects are created manually, it is possible to check the reinforcement against required values from design results. Despite various examples of how to use a 3D reinforcement model for fabrication, it is still necessary to produce 2D drawings from the model. We will demonstrate how you can achieve this quickly and easily using third-party software.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to use the analytical model for analysis and design with Robot Structural Analysis and other software
  • Learn how to use design results to automatically design reinforcement layout
  • Learn how to check reinforcement layout against required reinforcement
  • Learn how to produce 2D reinforcement drawings out of a 3D model



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