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Creating Even Smarter MEP Families and Workflows Via Revit and Dynamo
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At Autodesk University 2015, we detailed how to squeeze additional value from Revit families. This session will show you more techniques for creating "smart families" that make your projects easier to deliver and improve the quality of your models. However, if that isn't enough, we'll also cover how Dynamo software can be used as a way of manipulating these data-rich families to multiply the value of them many times over. Do you want to be able to do calculations using formulas in your families and provide options for how these formulas are going to work? Do you want to use the data in your families to automate days' or weeks' worth of work into seconds? Do you want to know how to manage complex data requirements across multiple families and family types quickly and efficiently? This follow-up class to the Autodesk University 2015 session will show you how to do all of this so that you can get more value out of the time you spend building your Revit MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) families.

Enseignements clés

  • Learn how to create new workflows by writing formulas that provide options for the data that calculations are going to be completed using
  • Learn how to use Dynamo to automate huge amounts of work into seconds using data stored within families
  • Learn how to manage data requirements across different types of families efficiently so you can be sure your families contain all of the data you require
  • Discover a secret objective that may be announced on the day of the session




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