Lecture    PL1721
The Ugly Project Data Management Duckling Takes Flight
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This class provides attendees with a deeper understanding of the Vault Professional, all-grown-up, next-generation web client interface. More than simply a coat of paint, the new, completely redesigned (almost unrecognizable) product delivers a much simpler, cleaner, and more powerful interface for users to consume data. The interface includes a number of important performance improvements that address a long list of user enhancement requests. Attendees will leave with a much better idea of how the new web client can be used in their business to streamline the flow of information out of engineering and design departments into other critical business units, as well as the role that Vault Office software can play in a more complete data management solution within their organization.

Key Learnings

  • Navigate the revised web client interface
  • Search, view, and retrieve design documentation
  • Review item and BOM detail
  • Describe Vault Office capabilities




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