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Generative Design in Revit

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    Project Refinery graduated in April to become Generative Design in Revit 2021 software. This new suite of tools enables generative design workflows that automate the creation and analysis of design options directly in the Revit context. This briefing will showcase the value that generative design brings to the design process, and show how analyzing more data-backed design options leads to an enhanced design process. We will cover a brief history of Project Refinery (now Generative Design in Revit) and show how customers are using the tools. We will cover the product principles that we use to prioritize new work and future direction. Finally, we will address the future of the product, where we will be investing, and our road map for achieving the future vision.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Discover the value of Generative Design in Revit.
    • Discover three examples of how customers are using Generative Design.
    • Learn about the driving principles for future prioritization.
    • Discover the future direction of the product and road map.