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Sustainable-Centered Transformation: The Heart of Resilient Growth
ID de clase: AS502214
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Temas: Digital Transformation, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Sustainability

Descripción de la sesión

The built environment is evolving with environmental concerns, population growth, and remote working. The rapid evolution of technology has accelerated the development and implementation of policies, leading to the adoption of digital transformation. Frequently, the industry defines and returns to the broad journey from digitisation to digitalisation to transformation, i.e., converting manual processes to digital formats. However, this discussion will focus on the relevance of organisational sustainability efforts and how they can positively impact an organisation’s culture to provide value and foster growth. In today’s market, like-minded people are willing to pay more for organisations that offer services and products that align with their values. These purchases of services and products with a positive social and environmental impact have increased from 50% in 2013 to 55% in 2014. Today’s workforce wants to do impactful work. Sustainability provides that purpose.

Objetivos del aprendizaje

  1. This session will discuss both growth & operational drivers
  2. Evaluate leadership & strategies that infuse to every process level & employee
  3. Build business & operational resilience to minimize unplanned disruptions
  4. Discuss how DE&I, the unspoken cornerstone of sustainability, may help you achieve your 2030/2050 goals

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