Industry Talk
Using Live Machine Data to Streamline Manufacturing Workflows in Fusion 360

Descripción de la sesión

Even with all of the currently available automation techniques for CNC manufacturing there is often a large gap between the software and the hardware. For example, running an NC program on a machine tool is still a manual and involved process, requiring careful and often lengthy setup of post processors and outdated transfer of files. There is an increasing demand for the use of live machine data to solve these problems. This talk will explain the benefits of data driven manufacturing workflows and the tools that have been developed for Fusion 360 to enable this, including a deep dive into available direct machine drivers. These novel technologies lead the way for automating stages of the manufacturing process, and can set a new industry standard with other machine tool vendors and direct machine drivers to follow.

Objetivos del aprendizaje

  1. Assess gaps between software and hardware where the use of machine data is absent.
  2. Define how machine data can be used to streamline manufacturing workflows.
  3. Identify the tools available for using machine data with Fusion 360.
  4. Integrate these machine data tools into Fusion 360 manufacturing workflows.

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