Industry Talk
Autonomous, Walking Vehicles: Exploring the Future with Hyundai Motor Group

Descripción de la sesión

Our team has been conducting a collaborative research project with a team in Hyundai Kia Motor Company called New Horizon Studios. Autodesk’s role in this project was to help design & manufacture several parts for the Tiger-X1 and Elevate vehicles. Tiger-X1 is an autonomous robot system that can transport a payload across a range of challenging terrains. We will discuss the range of workflows and manufacturing methods employed to develop this new prototype vehicle. Additionally, we will cover the collaborative work done between Hyundai, Autodesk, the Autodesk Technology Centers, and our collaborations with external partners.

Objetivos del aprendizaje

  1. Apply sustainable best practices to influence the design and manufacturing of prototype parts
  2. Iterate quickly using Fusion 360's simulation analysis tools
  3. Apply generative design for lighter, stronger, and aesthetic components
  4. Explain the workflow of designing and manufacturing complex prototype components for Hyundai

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