Industry Talk
How Tomorrow’s Leaders are Not Replacing BIM… they are Building on BIM

Descripción de la sesión

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is over 20 years old. It’s fair to say that modelling has or will replace drafting completely in AEC firms. While many in our industry focus on what’s next (Digital Twins, Generative Design, Industrialized Construction, Mixed Reality), we miss the fact that these things are not what is replacing BIM. They are Building on BIM.
In this industry talk, we will examine how BIM is evolving and we cannot continue to support, train, and implement it as we did when we started 20 years ago. We will look at how the convergence of new technology, processes, and data across the lifecycle of a project is more driven by the divergence and evolution of information modelling. We’ll discuss strategies that deal with maturing our tools and workforce. This is about developing awareness of the deficiencies in the industry and more important, how do we need to overcome them and lay the right foundations for what is next.

Objetivos del aprendizaje

  1. Leverage the connection between BIM as a foundation and different emerging technologies.
  2. Identify gaps in current practices and our industry as BIM evolves.
  3. Develop practical strategies that address those technological deficiencies.
  4. Create a narrative that participants can use to communicate to their teams, leadership, and clients.

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