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3ds Max Design Automation—Locally and in the Cloud
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This class will discuss the various techniques for automating 3ds Max software. We’ll first cover techniques to build automated routines to drive complex tasks within 3ds Max. 3ds Max includes a local tool called 3dsmaxbatch that enables local automation of complex tasks. This functionality is also available in the cloud under the Forge Design Automation API. We’ll discuss MAXScript, Python, C++, and .NET approaches to automation, and how to connect your routines to the web to drive configurable automation.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to build automation routines for 3ds Max
  • Learn how to use 3dsmaxbatch tool to automate tasks
  • Learn how to expose functionality from C++, .NET, Python, and MAXScript to enable configurable automation
  • Learn how to use Forge Design Automation for 3ds Max to automate your tasks in the cloud



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