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Cloud Data Management with Upchain
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Explore the ins and outs of cloud-based data management with Upchain. Upchain provides cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software that lets you make better products in less time. Learn how Upchain connects teams and stakeholders to their product data as it moves from idea to production, managing all the changes along the way. Upchain keeps your CAD data organized, controlled, and available to any product stakeholder anywhere in the world. Create a controlled version of your existing business process in seconds. Out-of-the-box configurations map to how you get work done, creating order out of chaos. Meanwhile, stage gates and permissions give you the structure that fast-moving product teams need. This is an introductory class for the new user to learn the ins and outs of Upchain.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn about the different sections of the interface
  • Learn how to set up Upchain projects
  • Learn how to invite users to projects and manage their access
  • Learn how Upchain integrates with CAD applications



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