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Using BIM 360 APIs—a Case Story of Layton Construction
Autodesk University
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In this session, Jeff Metcalf, CIO from Layton Construction will be presenting how Layton, Forge and other Cloud Service APIs have been leveraged in order to integrate with CMiC (, an internal ERP system, to reduce overhead and increase visibility into Key Performance Indicators across many projects using Autodesk Cloud Services including BIM360 (HQ) and BIM360 Field. (Joint AU/Forge DevCon class).

Key Learnings

  • Discover how Layton Construction uses BIM 360 APIs to integrate with their internal ERP system
  • Discover how Layton Construction reduces overhead by streamlining the data entry process with integration with BIM 360
  • Discover how Layton Construction uses Autodesk Cloud Services for data entry and collection with web and mobile devices
  • Discover how Layton Construction harvested data from Autodesk Cloud Services in bulk for analytic review


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