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Documentation of Cultural Heritage Sites: How To
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In this class, we will discuss a workflow to document and record cultural heritage sites using 3D data capture and Autodesk software. We will discuss integrated surveying techniques and software, including AutoCAD software, ReCap software, and 3ds Max software, used to document these sites for the next generations. Case studies will address the challenges of integrating aerial scans, terrestrial laser scans, and ground structure-from-motion photography, including working in confined spaces. We will also highlight the value of the data products for managing these important sites. FalconViz will share how the advancement of acquisition and scanning techniques is leading to new ways of fully documenting cultural heritage sites, rather than 2D hand sketching and standard photographing.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn about Cultural Heritage complexes
  • Learn how to merge different kinds of captured data, such as aerial scans, terrestrial laser scans, and ground structure-from-motion (SfM)
  • Learn the best-practice workflow and process
  • Learn how to create 3D/2D models of cultural heritage buildings


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