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Realizing the Shift from BIM Authorship to Lifecycle Data Management
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This class will take a case-study approach to demonstrate a real-life example of harnessing BIM data throughout the facility management lifecycle of a corporate office.  IBI Group has developed a sound workflow to harness modeled data sourced in either Revit or Civil 3D within a custom-built asset management solution.  The service provided includes "gluing" asset-specific data together in a virtual environment including the BIM representation and offering the output as a managed solution for our clients / stakeholders.  This process involves strong definition of a project's BIM goal, stated BIM Uses to achieve the goal, and diligent Project BIM Leadership to accomplish the mission.  The solution provides web-based, or mobile access to asset information coupled with the ability to virtually interact with the asset as well as achieve real-world visual information, financial data, warranty timelines, and other pertinent information.  All this enhances the ability to plan OPEX / CAPEX.

Key Learnings

  • Understand concepts of Asset Management as they relate to BIM
  • Experience a workflow to connect BIM to asset-specific information
  • Visualize a real-world example of complete lifecycle data management
  • Understand the factors that influence BIM beyond that of design and construction



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