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Capturing Reality: Incorporating Reality Capture into Utility Design and Use in SUE
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There are more than 20 million miles of underground plant in America. That's more than one football field in length for every person in the United States—and more are being put in every year. It is critical that engineers and designers have the best data available. Traditionally this has come from field visits, photographs, and survey points. As the cost of the technology decreases and the accuracy increases, we are able to provide designers with highly accurate, reality-based 3D models to work in. Accurate preconstruction data can reduce subsurface costs by almost 5 times! We will discuss using reality capture to provide point clouds, photogrammetric mesh models, panoramic photos, underground locates, and 360-degree photos to facilitate design. We will discuss the differences between the different methods under the circumstances in which we use them. Finally, we will discuss using them to generate line work and terrain models for use in AutoCAD Utility Design software. Also see: Designing Reality, Incorporating Point Clouds into AutoCAD Utility Design. This session features ReCap 360 and AutoCAD Utility Design.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discover different use objectives for point clouds and photogrammetry
  • Learn how to gather data for a SUE model
  • Learn how to use cameras to gather data for photogrammetry
  • Learn how to use laser scanners and structured light scanners


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